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Investment Insights

The dual circulation strategy is at the core of China's economic development for the next five years...

Vaccines, coupled with continuing support from central banks, shall lend support to extend the...

The year 2021 is poised for a restart. Vaccination and other signs of relief permit the world to start...

1. Performance ranking is based on the performance of funds which are categorized under the Morningstar Greater China Equity Fund category and with performance history started before 1 April 1993. Based on the performance from 2 April 1993 to 31 October 2020.
2. As at 30 November 2020 (unaudited).
3. Refer to The Asset Benchmark Research Awards 2020, under Hong Kong’s Asset Managers category.
4. Refer to performance of Value Partners’ flagship fund (A Units), as at 30 November 2020. Performance of the fund over past five years: 2014: +13.5%; 2015: -1.5%; 2016: -3.2%; 2017: +44.9%; 2018: -23.1%; 2019: +32.4%; 2020 (Year-to-date, as at end of November 2020): +25.4%.