Important Information

      I. Value Partners Asian Income Fund (The “Fund”) invests primarily in Asian equity and/or fixed income securities including convertible bonds and to deliver lower portfolio volatility.
      II. The Fund is subject to concentration risk as a result of the concentration of its investments in the Asian markets. The Fund may be more volatile than a broadly based fund as it is more susceptible to fluctuation in value resulting from adverse conditions in the Asian market.
      III. The Fund may invest in small and mid-capitalization companies. The stocks of such companies may have lower liquidity and their prices are more volatile to adverse economic developments than those of larger capitalization companies in general.
      IV. The Fund may invest in debt securities including those that are below investment grade/unrated, and may involve greater risks, including credit risk, issuer-specific risk, counterparty risk and sovereign debt risk. The Fund may also invest in derivatives which can involve material risks, e.g. counterparty default risk, insolvency or liquidity risk. All these may expose the Fund to significant losses.
      V. Investment in fixed income securities may include contingent convertible bonds whose structure is innovative and untested. These instruments may be subject to conversion risk e.g. compulsory conversion by the issuer upon uncontrollable triggering events and hence the Fund may experience losses.
      VI. In respect of the distribution units for the Fund, the Manager currently intends to make monthly dividend distribution. However, the distribution rate is not guaranteed. Distribution yield is not indicative of the return of the Fund. Distribution may be paid from capital of the Fund. Investors should note that where the payment of distributions are paid out of capital, this represents and amounts to a return or withdrawal of part of the amount you originally invested or capital gains attributable to that and may result in an immediate decrease in the value of units.
      VII. You should not make investment decision on the basis of this material alone. Please read the explanatory memorandum for details and risk factors.
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Why invest in multi-asset?
Value Partners Head of multi-assets, Kelly Chung, shares her views on 1) what is multi-asset 2) why investors should consider multi-asset investment strategy now.
Awarded Best Fund Provider for Multi-Asset Solution by Asian Private Bankers1

Flexibly invests across Asian stocks and bonds,
with monthly payouts of around 5.0%2 p.a.

(Aims to make monthly dividend distributions. Actual dividend payouts are not guaranteed and dividends may be paid out of the capital of the Fund.)
Please refer to Important Information VI
Earned 4-Star Morningstar rating3
Why invest in Value Partners Asian Income Fund?
Fully capture investment opportunities in Asia

  • The fund focuses on long-term growth and high-quality sectors, such as I.T. and consumer goods
  • Finds attractive valuations in the real estate, finance and energy sectors
  • Aims to achieve low beta and stable dividend payout from REITs and communication services

Source:Value Partners, as at 31 March 2022

Dynamic asset allocation

  • With strategic and dynamic asset allocation, the Fund flexibly invests across different asset classes to maximize risk-adjusted returns.
  • The asset allocation process follows longer-term macro views coupled with fundamental research. Hedging strategies can be employed to manage risks as and when needed
Dynamic asset allocation since fund launch

Source: Value Partners, as at 29 April 2022

Outstanding performance track record

  • The fund outperformed the peer group4 average (since fund inceptions*) by 2.9% (annualized return)
  • Ranks in the 1st quartile among peer funds4 (3-year, since fund inception)
Cumulative return since launch*

Source: Value Partners, Morningstar data as at 29 April 2022, performance in USD, NAV to NAV, with dividend reinvested and net of all fees. *Value Partners Asian Income Fund (Class A USD MDis) was launched on 13 November 2017. was launched on 13 November 2017. Calendar year returns of Value Partners Asian Income Fund (Class A Acc USD): 2017: +2.5%; 2018:-3.9% ; 2019 : +10.4% ; 2020: +17.6%; 2021: +3.3%; 2022 (YTD): -6.7%.

For more details, please contact your bank or investment consultant. You may also contact our Fund Investor Services Team.

Hotline: +852 2143 0608
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1. Asian Private Banker's 9th annual Asset Management Awards for Excellence 2022. 2. For Class A USD MDis as at 30 April 2022. The manager intends to declare and pay monthly dividends equal to all or substantially all of the net income attributable to each of the Distribution Classes. However, there is neither a guarantee that such dividends will be made nor will there be a target level of dividend payout. No dividends will be paid with respect to the Accumulation Classes. Distribution may be paid from capital of the Fund. Investors should note that where the payment of distributions are paid out of capital, this represents and amounts to a return or withdrawal of part of the amount that have been originally invested or capital gains attributable to that and may result in an immediate decrease in the value of units. Please refer to the Explanatory Memorandum for further details including the distribution policy. Annualized yield of MDis Class is calculated as follows: (Latest dividend amount/NAV as at ex-dividend date) x 12. Investors should note that yield figures are estimated and for reference only and do not represent the performance of the Fund, and that there is no guarantee as to the actual frequency and/or amount of dividend payments. 3. Source: Morningstar, as at 30 April 2022. The information contained herein: (1) is proprietary to Morningstar and/or its content providers; (2) may not be copied or distributed; and (3) is not warranted to be accurate, complete or timely. Neither Morningstar nor its content providers are responsible for any damages or losses arising from any use of this information. 4. Source: Morningstar. Peer Group refers to Morningstar Category of Asia Allocation (HKSFC authorized funds) which includes all funds with performance history started between 13 November 2017 and 30 April 2022. Value Partners Asian Income Fund (Class A) ranks in the first quartile among its peer funds in 3-year and since inception returns ending 29 April 2022. SFC authorization is not a recommendation or endorsement of a scheme nor does it guarantee the commercial merits of a scheme or its performance. It does not mean the scheme is suitable for all investors nor is it an endorsement of its suitability for any particular investor or class of investors. 5. Source: Morningstar Market is represented by MSCI AC Asia Ex Japan NR Index. The index is for reference only.