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Under multiple shocks, the investment environment turns volatile and highly unpredictable. Investors suffer a low clarity in the investment markets as if sailing in uncharted waters.

Value Partners offers a varied range of strategies in keeping with different investment objectives. Our products will enable a clear direction for investors to capitalize on equity and bond opportunities despite challenges ahead.

Fixed Income Strategy

Risk-reward balance with stable income

Focusing on Greater China and Asian markets, our flexible allocation across the credit spectrum aims to balance risk and reward while generating stable income in a low rate environment.

> Greater China High Yield Income

Greater China Equity Strategy

Rooted in Greater China Discovering new opportunities

Employing the top-down value investing approach, we capture the structural opportunities in China’s new economy sectors.

> Chinese Mainland Focus Fund
> Classic Fund

High-Dividend Strategy

Overcoming market cycles Attack and defend

The strategy navigates the entire market cycle, enjoying both capital appreciation and dividend potential.

> High-Dividend Stocks Fund

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