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Important Information

    I.The Funds below invest in concentrated regions and subject to higher level of risks than a fund investing in a more diversified portfolio. Some of the Funds may also invest in companies with small and medium capitalization. The value of the Funds can be extremely volatile and could go down substantially within a short time. It is possible that the entire value of your investment could be lost.
    II.Some of the Funds may invest in below investment grade, unrated and high yield debt, equity securities and derivatives. Such investments can involve material risks, e.g. counterparty risk, liquidity risk, credit risk and default risk, and may expose the Funds to significant losses.
    III.Some of the Funds invest in emerging markets which may involve a greater risk than developed markets due to greater political, economic, taxation and regulatory uncertainty and risks linked to volatility and market liquidity, etc
    IV.In respect of the distribution units for some funds, the distribution rate is not guaranteed. Distribution yield is not indicative of the return of the funds. Distribution may be paid from capital of the fund which represents and amounts to a return or withdrawal of part of the amount you originally invested or capital gains attributable to that and may result in an immediate decrease in the value of units.
    V.You should not make any investment decision on the basis of this material alone. Please refer to the explanatory memorandum of the respective Funds for details and risk factors.
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Value Partners endeavors to provide a wide array of investment solutions. With an aim to generate outperformance, our products help you ride through the market cycles and arrive at your investment goal.


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