Important Information

      I. Value Partners Classic Fund (The “Fund”) primarily invests in markets of the Asia-Pacific region, with a Greater China focus.
      II. The Fund invests in China-related companies and emerging markets which involve certain risks not typically associated with investment in more developed markets, such as greater political, tax, economic, foreign exchange, liquidity and regulatory risks.
      III. The Fund is also subject to concentration risk due to its concentration in Asia-Pacific region, particularly China-related companies. The value of the Fund can be extremely volatile and could go down substantially within a short period of time. It is possible that the entire value of your investment could be lost.
      IV. The Fund may also invest in derivatives which can involve material risks, e.g. counterparty default risk, insolvency or liquidity risk, and may expose the Fund to significant losses.
      V. In respect of the distribution units for the Fund, the Manager currently intends to make monthly dividend distribution. However, the distribution rate is not guaranteed. Distribution yield is not indicative of the return of the Fund. Distribution may be paid from capital of the Fund. Investors should note that where the payment of distributions are paid out of capital, this represents and amounts to a return or withdrawal of part of the amount you originally invested or capital gains attributable to that and may result in an immediate decrease in the value of units.
      VI. You should not make investment decision on the basis of this material alone. Please read the explanatory memorandum for details and risk factors.
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Excellent track record
over 27 years
Ranked No. 1 in the Greater China
equity fund category1
(A Units)
Payout of up to 3% p.a. for
monthly distribution classes2

(The classes aim to distribute income
on a monthly basis. Dividend yield is
not guaranteed and maybe
distributed out of capital)
Please refer to Important Information V
Why invest in Value Partners Classic Fund?
Renowned Greater China experts

  • The Fund aims to generate excess returns throughout different market cycles and has consistently outperformed peer funds over the long run1
  • An award-winning investment team of about 70 financial specialists, who have an average industry experience of 19 years and an average tenure of 11 years with Value Partners, covering different sectors and regions
  • Tap undiscovered investment opportunities with 360-degree fundamental research analysis combined with more than 6,500 due diligence meetings annually

Source: Value Partners. Performance in USD, NAV to NAV, with dividends reinvested and net of all fees. All indices are for reference only.

China economy remains stable

  • While the uncertainty from trade war clouds growth prospects, it also spells opportunities within China in terms of domestic demand
  • China is expected to roll out more stimulus policies to offset macro headwinds
  • China’s economic growth stabilized with 4Q2019 GDP growing at 6%7, supported by consumption growth which has buoyed the domestic economy
  • China’s own “demand chain” underpins its growth and is growing toward being the world’s largest economy in the upcoming 10 to 15 years

Source: HSBC

Note: Gross Domestic Products figures in constant 2018 USD terms, as of Dec 2018

Attractive valuations in China and Hong Kong equity markets

  • Larger representation of A-shares in global indices led to improvements in China’s stock market structure. A-shares valuation are inexpensive compared to global market and valued at a historical average, presenting great allocation opportunities for foreign investors
  • Hong Kong stock valuation are also inexpensive, attracting global investors
  • Value Partners conducts comprehensive A-share research, covering under-researched quality Chinese companies

Source: CICC, December 2019

Investing in key China themes

Online Platforms

  • In 2018, penetration rates of online booking for dining, beauty services and KTV were 3%, 11% and 14%8, respectively, compared with that of over 40%8 for apparels and electronics. The gap represents compelling growth potential for lifestyle related services online


  • 5G networks foster new applications and products, including smart cities, cloud gaming, autonomous driving and IoT, which will drive gains in productivity and efficiency

Consumption upgrade

  • Consumption upgrade is more than higher prices. Leading companies could improve profit margins through R&D and innovation as well as market expansion


  • China’s healthcare sector scale and national expenditure per capita remains low compared to the average in the developed world. The sector is expected to grow alongside an ageing population and rising demand for related services
  • When picking healthcare stocks, choose the innovative companies with strong R&D capabilities. Also evaluate from two aspects:

- If the company’s new drug pipeline is diversified enough

- If its R&D expenditure makes up a good share of its revenue


  • There is a strong demand for higher education in China. Each year 7.5million9 students qualify for a place in higher education institutions, out of 9.5 million9 who sit for the country’s university entrance exam
  • The sector stands to benefit from enormous growth potential. Gaps exist between supply and demand in higher education
  • Value Partners is optimistic on the future prospects of China’s private universities and professional schools as the country needs more of such institutions
Major corporate and fund awards
For more details, please contact your bank or investment consultant. You may also contact our Fund Investor Services Team.

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All fund performance information is quoted as of 31 December 2019, unless stated otherwise. Source: HSBC Institutional Trust Services (Asia) Limited and Bloomberg, in USD, NAV to NAV, with dividends reinvested. Fund performance is net of all fees. All indices are for reference only. 1. Performance ranking is based on the performance of funds which are categorized under the Morningstar Greater China Equity Fund category and with performance history started before 1 April 1993. Based on the performance from 2 April 1993 to 31 March 2020. A Units is closed for subscription. New investors and existing unitholders who wish to top up may subscribe in C Units. 2. The Manager currently intends to make monthly dividend distribution in respect of the C Units MDis USD Class; actual dividend payout will be subject to the Manager’s discretion. Distribution may be paid from capital of the Fund. Investors should note that where the payment of distributions are paid out of capital, this represents and amounts to a return or withdrawal of part of the amount that have been originally invested or capital gains attributable to that and may result in an immediate decrease in the value of units. Please refer to the explanatory memorandum for more details. Annualized yield of MDis Class is calculated as follows: (Latest dividend amount/NAV as at ex-dividend date) x 12. Investors should note that yield figures are estimated and for reference only and do not represent the performance of the Fund, and that there is no guarantee as to the actual frequency and/or amount of dividend payments. 3. Value Partners Classic Fund (“the Fund”) (A Units) was launched on 1 April 1993. Calendar year return of A Units in the past five years: 2014:+13.5%; 2015: -1.5%; 2016: -3.2%; 2017: +44.9%; 2018 : -23.1%; 2019: +32.4%. The Fund (C Units) was launched on 15 October 2009. Calendar return of C Units in the past five years: 2014: +13.3%; 2015: -2.0%; 2016: -3.7%; 2017: +43.3%; 2018 : -23.5%; 2019: +31.9%. Investors should note that figures for A Units shown above may differ from those of classes currently available for subscription of (C Units), due to differences in launch date of these classes. For C Units, the since launch return is +87.1%. The Manager does not accept any application for A Units until further notice. New investors and existing unitholders who wish to top up may subscribe in C Units. 4. Index refers to Hang Seng Index (Price Return) since fund inception till 31 Dec 2004, thereafter it is the Hang Seng Index (Total Return) up to 30 Sep 2017. Hang Seng Index (Total Return) includes dividend reinvestment whereas Hang Seng Index (Price Return) does not take into account reinvestment of dividends. With effect from 1 Oct 2017, it is the MSCI Golden Dragon Index (Total Net Return), which takes into account of dividend reinvestment after deduction of withholding tax. 5. Annualized return and volatility are calculated from inception based on published NAV. Volatility is a measure of the theoretical risk in terms of standard deviation; in general, the lower the number, the less risky the investment, and vice versa. 6. Hang Seng Price Return Index was used till 31 Dec 2004, thereafter it is the Hang Seng Total Return Index. Hang Seng Total Return Index takes into account of dividend reinvestment whereas Hang Seng Price Return Index does not. 7. Source: National Bureau of Statistics of China, as at 20 January 2020. 8. Source: Goldman Sachs, as at October 2019. 9. Source: CSCI Research, Frost and Sullivan, Value Partners. 10. The award presented by Hong Kong Economic Journal recognizes listed companies that were able to demonstrate outstanding business performance, create value for investors and showcase strong corporate governance over the past year. 11. The award reflects performance up to 30 September 2018. 12. Based on performance for the 12-month period from September 2016 to the end of August 2017.

The views expressed are the views of Value Partners Hong Kong Limited only and are subject to change based on market and other conditions. The information provided does not constitute investment advice and it should not be relied on as such. All materials have been obtained from sources believed to be reliable, but its accuracy is not guaranteed. This material contains certain statements that may be deemed forward-looking statements. Please note that any such statements are not guarantees of any future performance and actual results or developments may differ materially from those projected. Investment involves risk. The price of units may go down as well as up and past performance is not indicative of future results. Investors may not get back the full amount invested. Please refer to the explanatory memorandum. The website has not been reviewed by the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong. Issuer: Value Partners Hong Kong Limited.