Value Partners Yu Chen Jun x The Greater Bay Area Association of Listed Companies

Yu Chen Jun – Value Partners Deputy Chief Investment Officer, Equities, joins Samuel Pang – CEO of Golden Eagle Brokerage, and Alick Dong – President, Shenzhen Capital International, in today’s “Green Development Salon for Listed Companies” panel discussion to exchange views with regard to the vast opportunities for the finance industry in the Great Bay Area, in particular, how market participants and asset managers can help revitalize the capital markets.

With more than 50 representatives from listed companies in the GBA region in attendance, today’s event is co-organized by Golden Eagle Brokerage Limited and The Greater Bay Area Association of Listed Companies. The latter is founded by listed companies with a mission to provide a platform for collaboration and ideas exchange amongst industrial, business and trading companies. It also helps enterprises expand their network both within and outside of the GBA and to gain access to international markets, making the Greater Bay Area a renowned world-class metropolitan business hub.